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Engraving inks are unlike those used in other types of printing. Colors appear to be more brilliant. Since these inks are denser and ore opaque, minimal paper shows through. Light colors can be engraved upon dark backgrounds without compromising legibility. Also, ink colors are not altered by the background. However, be forewarned that although the ink color does not change, it may appear to do so, depending on the finish and shade of the stock or the colors it appears against. A singe shade may also appear to be several different ones, depending on whether it occurs in a fine line or a broad swatch.
Because colors are more intense, a small area may have more of an impact than with other inks. Letters may appear to be overpowering, so designers make allowances by reducing the type size. Engraving is the only process that can deliver (or march) coated color specifications on uncoated paper.
Engraving inks can be matched to any specified shade, such as with the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. In many cases inks will be hand mixed and handmatched. The inks are very intense and do not appear to fade into the background as in other printing methods.
Unlike four-color press, made from the combination of the four colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK), where the colors optically mix, each color of engraving ink is opaque and requires an additional die and its own pass through the press. Most engraving inks dry very quickly, although a drying stage is available as each impression made.

Types of inks:

  • Colored pigment
  • Fluorescent
  • Metallic

Color Adds Impact::

  • Grabs attention – stands out
  • Spotlights materials – gives it importance
  • Adds more beauty and is visually interesting
  • Organizes information
  • Adds emotional impact
  • Reveals mood and personality
  • Assists comprehension
  • Sends subliminal communication; emotion-laden messages.

Colors have personality, so choose those colors and tones compatible with the business personality. Select the appropriate color for the type of business.

* Tricks and Traps Engraved Business Cards and Stationery by Lynella Grant