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About Engraving

Things Engraving Does Well:

  • Provides precision of lines: able to reproduce very small characters; captures intricacies of type and design.
  • Goes from a very fine line to a very bold line without looking tacky.
  • Conveys a message of prestige and timelessness
  • Imparts warmth and elegance of lines and images.
  • Provides tactile impressions that translate as high quality.
  • Produces bright, opaque, and intense colors that are not altered by the background shades or textures.
  • Is unaffected by the heat of laser printers


Things Engraving Does Poorly:

  • Does not cover large areas or blocks or color evenly without hand etching or screens.
  • Production is relatively slow since dies must be made and successive press passes may be required.
  • Preparation and execution are labor intensive.
  • Colors are not derived from four-color process, but each color is applied separately and requires a different die.
  • Engraving does not work well for two-sided projects*.
* Tricks and Traps Engraved Business Cards and Stationery by Lynella Grant